Co-writer Mary Holland ’07, stars in Hulu’s acclaimed holiday movie “Happiest Season”

Mary Holland, a 2007 BFA graduate of the NIU School of Theatre and Dance is the co-writer and co-star of Hulu's acclaimed new holiday movie, Happiest Season. Holland co-wrote the romantic comedy with Clea DuVall, whom she starred with on HBO's Veep, and the film also...

Watch: Dr. Ellen Winner’s guest lecture, “How Art Works: Five Puzzles”

In her lecture, “How Arts Works: Five Puzzles,” presented to NIU School of Art and Design, November 10, artist and experimental psychologist Dr. Ellen Winner discusses puzzles about the arts that have preoccupied philosophers as well as the general public. Can art be...

Dancing Together Forward: Fall 2020 Dance Concert premieres Nov. 20

The NIU School of Theatre and Dance presents Dancing Together Forward: Fall 2020 Dance Concert with six airings over the next two weeks, premiering Friday, November 20 at 7 p.m. on YouTube. This screen dance was made in collaboration with the dancers and...

Girls and Dolls cast and crew take ‘explore the space’ to new limits

There is a certain satisfaction that can be achieved in finding a solution to a problem that you not only have never faced, but had never anticipated. The cast and crew of the recent production of Girls and Dolls in the NIU School of Theatre and Dance certainly know...
NIU’s Fall 2020 Plan

Protecting the Pack










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