We often think of art and science as very different processes. But for Kelly Gross and Jolien Genus, art and science share the same processes of investigation, research and relationship building. At the next STEM Café, hear from these two artists and educators about how they engage in hypothesizing, documentation and interpreting scientific principles in the art-making process.

“Artistic Process and Scientific Principles: Art as a Process of Investigation” is an online lecture held, Wednesday, November 17 at 6 p.m. online. You can register at

Learn about Gross’s artist residency at the DuPage Children’s Museum, where she investigated projects with children exploring light, shadow and storytelling. Hear about Genus’s artistic evolution from graduate school to the Peace Corps and Hawaii. His artworks investigate the relationship between painting and STEM and the relationship between art and the social work theory of Person in Environment.

Kelly Gross, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in Art and Design Education at NIU. Joelouie (Jolien Genus), MFA, MSW is an artist and STEAM teacher based in Oahu, Hawaii.

Registration is required for this free online event. Register and learn more at