This Skin That Carry My Worth

Earl Mills

Earl MillsThis skin that carry my worth, May be darker than You like

We don’t all look alike,

We vary from high yellow, to jet black.

Our lips are thick and full, nose flat and wide

The women’s hips are nice and round,

And they sway from side to side.

Our tragic past has only made us strong

What was meant to break us, now impales us, like a break,

It shows us, the past so that we can gleam, the future.

By standing on the shoulder of men and women of our past!

With skin that may be darker than you like.

Their blood that forged through their tragic past.

With hope they gleam today and tomorrow.

So when you look at me.

This skin that may be darker than you like.

Has been to hell and back.

Yet we stand tall with our heads up and shoulders back.

This dark skin that carry my worth,

Was not my choice it was my birth.

This skin That Carry My Worth.