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Katelyn Phillips, BFA in Time Arts

Artist Statement
“Working in organic elements has been a way to showcase my skills and define my style. I recently found uncanny valley territory with the imagery of my dream sequence 3D animation. I have always been drawn to surrealist imagery that goes along with a deep perception of reality. I continue to look at how the mind perceives vivid details that feed into our unconscious as we sleep. My own dreams usually push concepts for my pieces throughout my undergraduate education. I created these pieces based on my own passion projects that as a senior I was able to evolve from a small concept into a full-fledged idea where I could push my technical abilities and dive deeper into concepts. My work has continued to push the limits with perspectives and social ideas around beauty, conscious thoughts, and what makes up reality. I want to have the viewer question moral ideas and come up with their own thoughts behind each piece. I believe my work continues to form from my unconscious ideas around society and a continued theme of the body and metallic or crystallized materials.”

Artist Bio
Katie Phillips is a Chicagoland artist who specializes in Animation and Design. The area of interest is in surrealist work and uncanny valley perceptions. The development of the collection has stemmed from social media, visual perceptions, and the entertainment industry.

Phillips continues to look for ways to manipulate the viewers standards for identity and what we should consider the new normal to be. Pushing concepts on what the brain produces visually during sleep and how that can be brought to life. The ideas are not new but reinvented in 3D animation to immerse the viewer in a new environment. The influences for these pieces stem from several sci-fi thrillers and many sci-fi horror books. The design elements are brought back to the Bauhaus and hyperrealism. These styles in periods of art have heavily influenced Phillips to create pieces that are brought to life through animation in a 3D program.

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