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Jenna Cavin, BFA in Illustration

Artist Statement
“Growing up in a transracial adoptive family, my identity was not something I was comfortable sharing. Being a Chinese girl in a Caucasian family, it was difficult to blend in. As I am getting older, I appreciate the uniqueness of my life and the support that is all around me. Although societal norms dictate what belongs and what does not, my artwork celebrates the differences that exist in today’s world. My goal is to spread empathy, inclusion, and awareness on relevant issues. Through my work, I hope to empower others to accept themselves and to learn to have empathy for others.”

Artist Bio
Jenna Cavin was born in Heng Feng, China. In 2020, she received a BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University. During her senior year, she placed first in the President’s Holiday Card Contest. Cavin is an illustrator currently based in Aurora, Illinois.