The School of Art and Design is spotlighting recently graduated students and their work on Facebook, and we’ll be sharing them here on the blog, as well.

Sarah Navigato
BFA in Illustration

“My life-long passion for animals inspires me to create. Sparking interest in these creatures is my way of sharing information about them. While sketching and studying animals, I discover new thing I wouldn’t have noticed before. Learning new details about animals motivates me. My imagination runs wile as I ask myself questions like, “What if?” Creating serves as a way for me to express the information I learn about the animals in an entertaining way. I emphasize interesting facts in a way that makes the viewer want to learn more. Combining them together to create strange hybrids highlights their visual or behavioral similarities. Made-up hybrids or a real-life animals in an unrealistic environment are some ways I create interest. However it catches the viewer’s eye, I want them to become curious and want to investigate further to find out why certain elements are the focal points of my work.”

Congratulations Sarah!!!