As NIU and the world around us deals with a global pandemic, artists continue to find ways to express themselves. In the College of Visual and Performing arts the learning and teaching hasn’t stopped, it’s simply evolved to meet the needs and limitations of the situation. Over the coming days, we’ll be featuring how NIU students in the arts are continuing to do what they love.

Cass Bermijo
Time Arts, NIU School of Art and Design
Hometown: Pekin, Ill.

“I am a senior expecting to graduate this semester. As a student worker I help create information animations, promotional videos, GIFs and stickers for the university’s social media team.

“My goal after I graduate is to edit for a company interested in my skill. The end goal is to work for DreamWorks editing movies.

“A few things I do to keep my creative juices flowing are, sketching ideas, even if they are wacky, crafting costume props, sewing costumes or small projects. I try to stay inspired through my favorite TV shows or a few of my favorite songs. I also try to switch up my scenery. Even though I’m just moving about my apartment, it keeps my creativity flowing.”

Are you a student in the NIU College of Visual and Performing Arts with video of yourself performing or creating, or photos of a finished product? Use this form to share it with us.