“Gestural Abstractions”, an exhibition of paintings by Steven Tritt, Northern Illinois University alum and local artist, will be on display at THE ART BOX, 308 East Lincoln Highway in downtown DeKalb, from October 1 – 27, 2018.

Tritt is a non-traditional painter who uses a variety of media and materials to create expressive images from his inner experiences.  He has several series of expressive abstractions that will eventually emerge from a two-dimensional plane with not exactly beginning a painting with a pre-conceived idea.  Surfaces are layered with broad strokes of color and texture, which in itself is a stimulating visual experience.  The eventuality of the process will emerge series of provocative images depicting portraits, African masks, figure studies, guitars and landscapes either separately or as overlaying compositions.  The images are catalysts for polar themes exemplified as relationships and alienation, humor and guilt, beauteousness and ugliness, or even perhaps order and chaos.

Different surfaces like watercolor and Yupo papers, reclaimed wood, various artist boards, canvas, and Styrofoam will vary the results from mixing the physical aspects of his wet media and dry materials.

Any particular surface will create unique resists, textures and unexpected color relationships that will dictate the outcome of his painting.  The media and materials typically used are latex, tempera, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, graphite, ink, tobacco, sand, and sawdust.

Tritt is a 1990 graduate from Northern Illinois University with a Masters of Fine Art degree in painting.  His graduate committee was with the auspice of fine art professors Gordon Dorn, John Rooney and David Driesbach; and was also influenced by fine art professors Robert Bornhuetter, Dorothea Bilder and Jack Olson.  In 2018 he was accepted into the Contemporary Gallery Program at The Art House in Chicago whose director, Rebecca George, instruct artists how to market themselves and their work; and also encourages a variety of art making techniques.

A reception for the artist is scheduled for Sunday, October 7 from 2 – 4 pm.

Regular shop and gallery hours are 11 am – 6 pm, closed Sundays and Wednesdays.