College Magazine has ranked the Art History program at NIU as one of the top ten in the Midwest, according to a report published on September 11, 2018.

NIU’s Art History program was ranked number eight on the College Magazine list ahead of the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the program at Washington University in St. Louis.  NIU’s program was rated as the third best in Illinois trailing only Northwestern University (seventh) and the University of Chicago (third).

College Magazine’s description of the Art History program at NIU:

“I was attracted to NIU because of the faculty’s diverse areas of specialization, the wide range and interdisciplinary of the course offerings and the university’s connectedness to Chicago, including that city’s vibrant arts community,” said Classical Art History Professor Sinclair Bell. No need to feel FOMO when an incredible new art installation makes its way to Chicago. Historia Artis, an art history club on NIU’s campus, organizes field trips into Chicago so you don’t miss out on the city’s art opportunities. On campus, the Jack Olson Gallery hosts traveling exhibitions plus student and faculty artwork. NIU wants its art history program to incorporate areas beyond visual art from literature and philosophy to science and religion. “I have found it highly rewarding as an educator to teach courses not only across the full portfolio of my own area of ancient art history and archaeology, but also many outside it (such as the introduction to museum studies and a co-taught seminar on Mesoamerican archaeology),” said Professor Bell. Looking to integrate your art history knowledge into your law career aspirations? NIU offers an accelerated B.A./J.D. Program in Art History so you can make a career protecting precious works at museums.

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