The Northern Illinois University School of Theatre and Dance’s upcoming production of Intentions, written by Abbey Fenbert, is a contemporary and uproarious fast-paced comedy capturing the ethos of living deliberately and fighting typical twentieth century corrupt consumerism. Based in Chicago, five members of an intentional community navigate their lives, loves, and purposes on earth.  This new age exploration will open on April 18 in the Diversions Lounge at the Holmes Student Center in DeKalb.

Fenbert delves into the story of five characters coexisting in an intentional permaculture living community.  It begins with Nell, Gabe, Maya, and Louisa peacefully co-existing only to have their lives and beliefs upturned by ex-frat boy Leif barging into their harmonious existence.

Fenbert uses women characters to drive the dialogue and celebrates empathy through her comedic writing. She holds an MFA in playwriting from Boston University and her humorous writing has been featured online at The Toast and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.  This play is no exception to her wit, and her use of playfulness shows through various ideologies of natural eco-systems and moon cycles, all the while attacking real issues for women in this day and age.

Elise Delap, who plays Nell, states, “I think this production really takes to heart the idea of having every action backed by informed robust intent, especially in a day where trends, technology, and taking without giving seems overwhelmingly popular.”

With so much of the story based on co-existing, Shannon Coltrane, who plays Lou, added, “I, certainly, like every human, struggle with the intricacies of interpersonal relationships and the complexities of living as an individual within complex communities built from many people’s values, opinions, and experiences.  Harmony is hard, but striving for it can be extremely fruitful!”

Craig Ymson, who is playing the part of Gabe, excitedly invites the audience to “keep an open mind with the show, welcome the experience and it’s going to be fun and educational for everyone,” during this fast-paced progressive exchange.

Performances are held in Diversions Lounge at the Holmes Student Center, DeKalb.  Showtimes will start at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets are $7 and ticket reservations or additional information is available by contacting the NIU School of Theatre and Dance box office at (815) 753-1600, or online at the School of Theatre and Dance website at