Sinclair BellSinclair Bell, professor of art history in the NIU School of Art and Design is the 2024 recipient of the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award from the Archaeological Institute of America. The award is given annually to those who have demonstrated excellence in the teaching of archaeology, developed innovative teaching methods or interdisciplinary curricula and demonstrated attention to issues of diversity and inclusion among their students and or curricula.

The “citation of honor” for Bell will be read during the Joint AIA-SCS Annual Meeting’s awards ceremony, Saturday, January 6 at 6 p.m. at the Hilton Chicago.

Keisha Williams, a student of Bell’s at NIU who is currently the director and curator of galleries and exhibitions at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, said of studying with Bell, “His wealth of knowledge was clear throughout and never ceased to amaze m. He taught in a way that held the attention and interest of his students and encouraged individual thought and engagement with the material. I know I came out as a stronger and more passionate student.”

Douglas Boughton is professor of art and design education at NIU and served two stints as director of the School of Art and Design. “I have known Sinclair since 2008,” Boughton said. “He was the first faculty member I hired as director during my first term in the role and I am incredibly pleased with this choice as Sinclair has become one of the most outstanding professors I have had the pleasure of working with in more than 45 years spent in higher education.