Art to Lend 2023 NIU Art Museum

Ansei Uchima, “Flight: In Space (Pink),” 1970. Woodcut (29 in x 37 in.) NIU Art Museum Collection.

The NIU Art Museum’s annual “Art to Lend” 2023 selection period is now open for faculty and staff on campus. This annual service allows individuals and departments to enhance their private offices and the administrative areas of the university by renting original works of art. Artwork enriches the university’s welcoming nature for students, faculty and staff as well as brightens the experience for public visitors and provides daily enjoyment in the workplace. Each work meant for public display was carefully selected by museum staff for its broad appeal and its ability to be on loan for up to eight years.

This program is funded through the nominal installation and annual rental fees which cover incurred expenses including matting and framing to make new selections available, as well as for the direct care and conservation of the remainder of our permanent collection. The artwork must be installed in secure, locked areas when not occupied by university personnel. Certain environmental factors, including light levels, humidity and temperature, must also be met to protect the artwork and be eligible to participate.

There is an annual rental fee of $20 per piece running on the same cycle as the university’s fiscal year. An installation fee will also be charged for new works brought to an office or for works moved/relocated to another office at any time during the year. For one to three works per department there is a fee of $35; for four to six a fee of $60; for seven to 10 a fee of $85. Any piece(s) beyond that cost an additional $10 per piece.

Browse this year’s choices on the Art Museum’s Flickr page or by visiting the Art Museum’s website during the selection period of June 26 through July 14, 2023. As in previous years, works will be assigned by lottery based on preferred selections. The lottery drawing will be held at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 14. All online Selection Forms must be submitted before the lottery deadline to assistant director and curator Peter Olson by 2:59 p.m. July 14. Email with questions or concerns. Detailed policy information is available in the “Art to Lend” section of our website.