Kerry Freedman, professor and division head of Art and Design Education in the Northern Illinois University School of Art and Design initiated and moderated a five-hour international panel that brought together arts educators from around the globe to discuss a post-pandemic view of visual arts education.

Twenty lead arts educators from 18 countries on five continents participated in the think tank panel “Renewing Education through Art Practices” (REAP).  Freedman worked with Carlos Escaño of the University of Seville in Seville, Spain to turn that discussion into a comprehensive 45 minute video which is designed to be watched in its entirety or in three parts:

Part one: What strengths and weaknesses of visual arts education were highlighted by the pandemic?

Part two: Curriculum, instruction and assessment are all being reconsidered as pathways to transformation in other school subjects. Which pathways do you think art educators should explore to improve education?

Part three: Major change in an educational field starts with change in teacher education. How should art teacher education change in order to prepare new teachers for post-pandemic work in schools? 

Here is the video in its entirety:

Learn more about Renewing Education through Art Practices (REAP).