Professional Studios

  • Joel Friedman:  Scene Study.  New York, NY.  1986-1991
  • Jana Pivacek:  Bel Canto Vocal Studies.  New York, NY. 1984-1989
  • Gillian Goll:  Scene Study.  New York, NY.  1988-1989
  • John Guitz:  Method Acting.  New York, NY.  1985

Workshops and Masterclasses

  • Teacher Development Workshop.  The Actor’s Center.  New York, NY.  June 2000
    • Vjatcheslav Dolgatchev:  Moscow Art Theatre Actor Training Technique
    • Robert Cohen: Scene Study, Shakespeare/Shaw
    • Catherine Fitzmaurice:  Voice workshop
  • Patrick Tucker:  Shakespeare Masterclass.  American Globe Theatre.  New York.  September 2000
  • Webster Movement Institute.  Webster University.  St. Louis, MO.  June 1995
    • Karen Bradley, Tom Casciero:  Laban Movement Pre-Certification Program
    • Jennifer Martin:  Period Movement/Period Dance
  • Webster Movement Institute.  Webster University.  St. Louis, MO.  June 1994
    • Tom Casciero:  Laban Movement Analysis and Training
    • Craig Turner:  Martial Arts Training for Actors
    • Libby Appel:  Character Mask
    • Vidisha Mallik and Ed Damron:  Commedia Mask

Conference Workshops and Masterclasses

  • William Esper:  Meisner Masterclass.  ATHE 2000
  • Neil Freeman:  Shakespeare Masterclass.  ATHE 1999
  • Leon Ingulsrud:  Experiencing Viewpoints.  ATHE 1999
  • Augusto Boal: Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop.  ATHE 1996
  • Joanne Akalaitis:  The Body in Space.  ATHE 1995
  • Bella Itkin:  Scene Study.  ATHE 1995
  • Kathryn Gately, Richard Poole:  Meisner Workshop.  ATHE 1994
  • William Shephard:  Mythic Performance.  ATHE 1994
  • Will Kilroy, Mala Powers, Lisa Dalton: Michael Chekhov Technique.  ATHE 1993
  • Sonia Moore:  Stanislavski Masterclass.  ATHE 1993
  • Kristin Linklater:  Shakespeare Sonnets Masterclass.  ATHE 1993
  • Norma Bowles:  Commedia Del Arte workshop.  ATHE 1992