A number of photography students in the NIU School of Art and Design have had work selected for publications and exhibitions recently.

Mikayla Shuster’s “Cat Nap” was chosen for Analog Forever Magazine’s December “Love in all forms” exhibition:

Mikayla Shuster

Amy Fleming earned honorable mention in Float Photo Magazine’s “Annus Horibilis [Horrible Year]” exhibition for “This Is Not Real.”

The image was also selected for Don’t Smile’s exhibition, “Did that Just Happen?” An e-zine of the exhibition will be for sale soon. 

Amy Fleming

Daniel Koenig, Karl Bibler, Mikayla Shuster, Michael Allen and Amy Fleming all had work featured in Lens Scratch’s “The 2020 Favorite Photo Exhibition.”

Danielle Koenig

“Tangible Reflection” – Danielle Koenig

Karl Bibler

“Illinois Youth Center Juvenile Detention” – Karl Bibler

Mikayla Shuster

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” – Mikayla Shuster

Michael Allen

“Longing” – Michael Allen

Amy Fleming

“Will It Remember Me?” – Amy Fleming

Shuster and Fleming were chosen for East Window’s exhibition “Shame Radiant.” Pieces from the show will be displayed at Redline Art Center in Denver, Colo. in March. Pieces from the show will also be featured online at Femme Salee Salon and will also be printed as a book in March.