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Ethan Deboer, BFA in Time Arts

Artist Statement:
“My work is made up of characters in the form of character model sheets, action poses, and hand-drawn animations. The designs and actions represented visually convey to the audience what their personality or story are. How a character looks and acts in a still image can say a lot about who they are as characters. It is important to me that the characters’ personality is able to be conveyed in any drawing or animation that I make.

“My first inspiration for a story often comes from the desire to make a point or lesson either from my own life experiences or the desire to subvert a cliche or concept that I have seen in other media. Other times it is just to make people laugh. Either way, I make the characters to service that story idea, and spend a lot of time designing what they look like before I settle on something. I mainly use pencil and pen on sketch paper, but I will sometimes use a drawing tablet with Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint to draw and color the characters. I also use Adobe Animate CC to put those characters in motion.

“When done correctly, a dramatic piece of fiction can make a comedic moment more effective and a comedic piece of fiction can make a dramatic moment more effective. I always try to achieve that with my own art and storytelling. I am influenced mostly by animated shows or movies that have world building, make someone laugh, or are satirical. No matter if a drawing is good or bad, what matters most to me is that there is a story behind it.”