Sound Connection

“Sound Connection”

Chloe Topf, a Visual Communication major in the School of Art and Design recently earned Best of Show for her work, “Sound Connection” at the 19th Annual 2019 Self Employment in the Arts (SEA) Conference in Chicago, February 23 and 24.

The purpose of the SEA Conference is to provide artists with, “two days jam packed with engaging activities focused on making a living as a professional creative.” The event is open to all interested in attending with the primary focus on emerging creatives in the visual, performing, literary, and media arts as well as educators and art organization leaders. Attendees include high school students interested in majoring in the arts, college students, and community artists.

Topf’s says of her interactive piece, “It’s an ongoing installation in which viewers are prompted to share one song/recording with me as I sit inside to listen. Participants are asked to write the: time, date, song/recording, and artist on the surface of the enclosure.  That way, each active period of Sound Connection can be turned into a chronological playlist. By incorporating the intimacy of handwriting and the sharing of music in this work, I want my audience to feel that their voice matters, and that someone is listening.”

The playlist from her first active period was culled over two months and contains 278 songs.