The Northern Illinois School of Music will be well represented at the Jazz Education Network’s annual conference in Dallas, Tex., in January.

NIU Music faculty are serving as clinicians at several sessions, and the NIU Jazz Ensemble “Supersax Project” is performing.

Thursday, January 4, 9 a.m.
Hyatt Regency Cumberland K-L
Rodrigo Villanueva-Conroy, clinician
“Improve Your Time and Your Time Will Improve You” – Rodrigo Villanueva-Conroy Drumset Master Class
Assisted by Stevan Karlsson on piano and Jeff Eckels on acoustic bass

Friday, January 5, 4 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Conservatory Stage
Pegasus Ballroom
Rodrigo Villanueva-Conroy, director
Northern Illinois University Jazz Ensemble “Supersax Project”
Featuring Fareed Haque on electric guitar, Geof Bradfield on tenor saxophone and Marlene Rosenberg on bass.
Sponsored by Northern Illinois University

Friday, January 5, 6 p.m.
Cumberland A-C, Exhibition Level
Geof Bradfield, clinician
Clinic: Composition/Arranging
Herbie Hancock’s The Prisoner: Chamber Jazz inspired by the civil rights movement

In addition:

Thursday, January 4, 5 p.m.
Cumberland A-C, Exhibition Level
Geof Bradfield, saxophones – assisting
Instrument Techniques: The Evolving Basis: Discovering new techniques and approaches to accompaniment and performance in the non-chordal rhythm section – Dana Hall, clinician