Today is #GivingTuesday, a fairly new “holiday” that encourages people around the world to give to causes that are important to them. For all of us, our students’ success is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. To that end, I ask that you consider making a gift today to support student scholarships.

NIU students are hardworking, inspiring, and impassioned with a desire to make our world a better place—whether it is in the arts or sciences; the boardroom, classroom, or courtroom; in healthcare or in technology; or in the private or public sector.

However, many NIU students struggle with the cost to attend college. In fact, 94 percent of our undergraduates are left with unmet need after federal, state, and institutional aids are applied.

Scholarship funding can make all the difference.

Earlier this year, the NIU Foundation embarked on an initiative to increase unrestricted funds available for student scholarships. The need for flexible dollars to attract and retain students has increased with fervor over the past several years as funding from the state continues to decrease.

Already, you do so much to show our students that you care. Thank you. I was encouraged by a quote from professor Dr. LaVerne Gyant that recently appeared in NIU Today:

“For me, it’s good to give back in the classroom and as an adviser, but I also want to do something to ensure that students will be able to complete what they have set out to do here, graduate. It is heartbreaking to know that many students have a balance and don’t have the resources to pay it. We have students who are struggling to be here and who really want to complete their degree. We need to think about how we can contribute to their success, because their success is our success.”

We hope you will help us reach—and surpass—our goal of 400 donors for today.

When the Huskie family comes together, amazing things happen for the thousands of students whose future is our focus.

Please make a gift in support of student scholarships. You can do so online by clicking here.

Go Huskies!

Catherine B. Squires, CFRE, NIU ‘80
Vice President, University Advancement
President and CEO, NIU Foundation